Our mission at DingGo is to ensure everyone can afford the time and money to have their car repaired back to the condition they bought it in.

We're a young company combining the power of the internet with the craft and quality of the car repair industry. This combination lets us replace outdated practices (like driving around for quotes), with a completely digital experience, from submitting your damage, to getting quotes to compare, and then choosing to the right repairer for you.
Our Mission
Our Promise
Our promise to every customer is to provide the easiest way to repair your car with maximum care and minimum cost.
We love cars, we are obsessed about them. They are beautiful feats of human engineering. That engineering sophistication and complexity also means they are expensive to fix when they are damaged and it’s never an easy process. Luckily the only thing we care about as much as cars is humans (and dogs too ). We will do everything in our power to provide maximum care to everyone human we can help with their cars and ensure we do it at minimum cost.
At DingGo we are a bunch of good humans who like to help other great humans with their cars. We are a values based company who work and live by our values.
The values we live by are to provide Care, Value and Ease to every human interaction we have (be it digital or physical).
  • We care about people and their cars. We will always help you find the right solution.
  • We strive to provide easy, stress-free car repair. We are ruthlessly simple and practical in helping find the right solution.
  • We want to find the best solution at the best possible value.
We don’t believe in compromising on the quality in order to find the lowest price for what your car needs.
Our Values
Our Promise
We love all humans. Especially our repairers.
They are our favourite humans.
At DingGo we are proud to work with every repairer in our network. We only work with the best, independent repairers who are highly respected by their customers and communities. Every repairer is verified by DingGo before joining the network and is reviewed on DingGo by every human they help through us.

Our values extend to this group of legends too. We are constantly striving to make our repairers lives easier (quoting, booking and winning jobs), we care about them, listening to their needs and working with them to make our product and experience better for them, and lastly we help provide value for their business by making it as easy as possible for them to win more work when they need it.
Car need some love? We can help repair it.